Chinese Music Workshop


The Workshop

Chinese Music workshop offers an introduction to modern Chinese musical genres. It can be a broad overview to introduce general ideas of Chinese music, such as genres, music forms, aesthetics, , instruments, and concepts of rhythm, timbre, and texture. It can also be focused on specific music category, such as instrumental music, vocal music, music in certain region, or a specific genre (e.g. Jiangnan Sizhu). It can also be topic-specific, such as "Nationalism and Modern Chinese Orchestral Music" or "Music and Cultural Imagination in Chinese Martial Arts Films." The workshop can be in lecture format (topic-orientated) or genre-specific (overview and music demonstration plus hand-on practice); the former serves larger audience while the latter will be ideally for small groups. The workshop can be arranged from 45 minutes to 3 hours.  This workshop not only offers great opportunity for audience to gain basic ideas of Chinese music, but can also serve as a starting point for further exploration of Chinese culture as a whole. 

Post-workshop performance and/or music demonstration may be arranged upon request.

For more information, please contact me.