Chinese Music Ensemble



Teaching Chinese Music Ensemble in the U.S. Colleges/Schools 

Since I came to the U.S., I have spent tremendous time directing Chinese Music ensemble in educational settings, or, to be more specifically, within a world music/ethnomusicological curriculum. Differing from a "regular" ensemble which is usually formed by core members and meets regularly to rehearse or have performance, the Chinese music ensemble as an academic course provides students a great opportunity to have hands-on practice of the music from Chinese culture(s) and to experience musical and dialectical cultural exchange at home. Therefore, students are not expected to be an "expert" nor "professional" musician, in this special context the students are meant to gain better understanding of Chinese culture through their musical exercise.

In this sense, the first type of training I provide is semester-based and course-based class, targeting to take most beginners (with some returning and experienced musicians/students) to try the instruments they are interested and introduce repertoire of different regional or genre-specific styles. The general goal is to be able to give a 60 to 90 minutes concert in the end of each semester. In the past years, my students enjoyed their experience of taking challenge to try unfamiliar instruments and were proud of their accomplishment of giving successful performance.  

In addition to training in semester-based educational settings, I can also provide long-term training of an Chinese music ensemble formed by students, amateurs, or anyone who is interested in Chinese music.

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