Peking Opera Percussion Music Workshop at Simon Fraser University, Canada

The lecture/ hands-on workshop is titled “Speaking Percussion, Performing Language: Exploring Peking Opera Percussion Music and its Oral Notation.” As part of the 2016 Sound of Dragon Music Festival, this presentation is organized by the Sound of Dragon Society and co-sponsored by the David Lam Center . This presentation took place at FSU’s Harbour Centre and […]

Peking Opera Percussion Workshop @ Jonas Clarke School

Had a Peking opera percussion workshop with about 90 students from their Mandarin Chinese program at Jonas Clarke School. Happy to see so many curious young souls showing their great interests in learning music from other cultures.  Interestingly, for many of them, it’s also a great opportunity to explore their “own” culture.     The […]

白蛇傳 -夏威夷大學製作!

夏威夷大學在今年二月份製作的京劇<白蛇傳>的一分鐘短片,此劇由 Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak 和 Hui-Mei Chang 導演。真是不簡單!! Jingju (Beijing opera) The White Snake @ Yahoo! Video 演出日期為:Feb 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13 at 8pm; Feb 7 & 14 at 2pm. 詳情可見: 另: Wichmann 在 1991 的出版京劇專書 Listening to Theatre: the Aural Dimension of Beijing Opera 在 2008 年才由中國上海音樂學院出版社出版了中文譯本,名為 <聽戲 – 京劇的聲音天地>。有興趣讀譯本的朋友可以找來看看…