[Lecture] Peking Opera Percussion Music at Boston College

Just came back from my talk at Boston College. It’s titled “Peking Opera Percussion: Concept, Luogujing, and Patterns.”  This presentation provided an overview of the formation, functions, and use of percussion music in Peking opera performance with live demonstration and some video clips. In the last part of the presentation, students were guided to learn […]

Add-on for Writing Staff Notation in Google Docs – VexTab

While people are excited about the high-end music writing app Staffpad’s release, VexTab, a much more economic, simple staff notation writing tool designed for Google Docs also just came out. VexTab is free, text-based and easy use tool to add/insert basic staff notation lines into your Google Docs. By typing some letters and symbols, such […]

Innovative App for Music Writing – Staffpad

An innovative Windows app for music writing is here: Staffpad. Released in early October, Staffpad is a sophisticated and fantastic app that allows direct hand-write music notation on a supported device, such as Microsoft Surface tablet/PC. I was very excited about this in the first glance and felt many musician/composer or anyone who wants to […]