Peking Opera Percussion Music Workshop at Simon Fraser University, Canada

The lecture/ hands-on workshop is titled “Speaking Percussion, Performing Language: Exploring Peking Opera Percussion Music and its Oral Notation.” As part of the 2016 Sound of Dragon Music Festival, this presentation is organized by the Sound of Dragon Society and co-sponsored by the David Lam Center . This presentation took place at FSU’s Harbour Centre and we got a full house for around 30 registered participants for the event. The event page can be found here.

This presentation many very engaging and enthusiastic attendees from diverse background: composers, ethnomusicologist, musician, administrators, college faculty and students, and general audience. A lot interaction between me and the participants, and everyone seemed to enjoy it very much.




Besides introducing the basic concepts of the percussion music, we also had everyone learn and recite the luogujing (鑼鼓經; the oral notation), practice a couple of patterns, and get the percussion instruments to play.





I’d say that it was one of the most enjoyable presentations I had: many great questions, dynamic interactions, positive energy and extensive post-lecture discussion. I can feel the participants’ passion and high interests in the topic. As my first time to visit Vancouver, it really creates a great experience for me and makes me very much look forward to visiting there again in the future.



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