Peking Opera Music Lecture at Richmond Public Library, BC

Just gave a lecture of Peking opera performance and music at Richmond Public Library in Richmond, BC, Canada. This lecture was organized by the Sound of Dragon Society, founded and operated by Tung Lan. It took place at an open space in the main building of the library with a small but engaging group of audience. We covered some basic aesthetic principles of Peking opera performance with live demonstrations and the configuration and function of Peking opera music. The audience was very engaged and also gave some very nice feedback.




Several musicians and composers came. I also saw some friends and one of my former teachers from my Peking opera school (Kuo-Kuang Academy of Arts; 國光藝校) in Taiwan also attended. His name is Hsia Yan-Tzeng (Michael) and he is a prestigious Peking opera actor in Taiwan and in Vancouver area. Tung Lan, the host of this event, is also my old friend from Taiwan. We were in the same Chinese orchestras but haven’t seen each other for about 20 years. Very happy!!


Left to right: Weng Po-wei, Michael Hsia, Tung Lan, Lynn Lee (Michael’s wife), and Gloria Wong



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