Peking opera percussion workshop

Introduce the key concepts of Peking opera percussion music and its oral notation, with hands-on practice


Peking Opera Workshop

Introduction to the essence and aesthetics of Peking opera performance and music


Speaking Percussion, Performing Language

Introduction to transmission and transcription of Peking opera percussion music and luogujing


As soon as Mr. Weng started his lesson, he was electric; he had a certain captivating flare to him that forced one to engage full heartedly.
Peking opera percussion lectureStudent's Feedback - Boston College

Po-wei Weng is an incredibly dedicated, patient, experienced, and understanding instructor and conductor. Quick to craft creative solutions to tricky problems, Po-wei is just the kind of leader needed for the job!
Student's Feedback - Wesleyan University

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Innovative App for Music Writing – Staffpad

An innovative Windows app for music writing is here: Staffpad. Released in early October, Staffpad is a sophisticated and fantastic app that allows direct hand-write music notation on a supported device, such as Microsoft Surface tablet/PC. I was very excited about this in the first glance and felt many musician/composer or anyone who wants to […]

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Wesleyan 大學國樂團 2010 秋季演奏會

此為 Wesleyan 大學國樂團 2010 年秋季的演出,音樂會在 2010 年 12 月 3 日於 Wesleyan 大學的 Crowell 音樂廳舉行。此場音樂會再度與韓國鼓、日本太鼓樂團聯合演出,因此國樂團部分只有五首曲目,分別為:三首樂團曲目〈喜慶〉、〈鳳陽花鼓〉、〈江波舞影〉;一首二胡與樂隊〈二泉映月〉,由只學過兩個學期的學生 Anya Palkowski 擔任獨奏;還有一首上海十番鑼鼓〈松竹梅〉(受到樂器與時空條件的限制,演出與實際的上海十番鼓有出入)。

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Youtube 人類學

Youtube !? 沒錯,人類學研究的觸角已經伸到 youtube了。事實上,雖然人類學整體而言是社學科學中較為保守的一門,不過近年來在研究科技以及網路虛擬社群方面還是有所進展。以下的影片是 Kansas State University 助理教授 Michael Wesch 在 Library of Congress 演講的影片,談到人類學的Youtube 研究,有興趣的朋友可以看看….

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