Peking opera percussion workshop

Introduce the key concepts of Peking opera percussion music and its oral notation, with hands-on practice


Peking Opera Workshop

Introduction to the essence and aesthetics of Peking opera performance and music


Speaking Percussion, Performing Language

Introduction to transmission and transcription of Peking opera percussion music and luogujing


[Po-wei] demonstrated how to teach jingju percussion through coordinated oral recitation of jingju percussion syllables (luogujing). Po-wei’s humorous and energetic demeanor was engaging and brought audience participants to laughter at several points in the presentation!
ACMR Newsletter 21/1

Po-wei Weng is an incredibly dedicated, patient, experienced, and understanding instructor and conductor. Quick to craft creative solutions to tricky problems, Po-wei is just the kind of leader needed for the job!
Student's Feedback - Wesleyan University

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Playing an instrument benefits your brain – what instrument and who’s brain?

Recently watched this TEDed video talking about how playing an instrument works like mental/full body workout vitalizing all parts of human brain (the research is not that new, though). This is sort of echoing what I usually say to my students that “we don’t know if playing music can make you smarter, but we know […]

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沒關係、沒關係 – 傳達給受傷小孩的溫柔人生觀

兩天前快六歲的女兒哭得淒淒慘慘的來找我,秀給我看她單槓玩得太開心的成果:     好吧,我承認,看起來的確是有些小慘。看著淚眼婆娑、巴巴的望著我的女兒,看起來應該想要得到一些疼惜和安慰。然後呢?繼續喊哭喊疼?…..這不禁讓我想到過去有小孩跌倒受傷時經常看到的一幕: 小明 (比小孩甲好聽一些) 滑了一跤,膝蓋擦破了一點皮,當小明都還來不及反應的時候,爸爸、媽媽、爺爺、奶奶、三舅公、四姨婆…等一干親戚就圍了過來,親的親、抱的抱,「有沒有事啊」?「一定很痛吧」?「不得了了,流血了,快來擦藥」、「唉啊啊,破傷風了怎麼辦?」(以下省略一千字)。

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New Apple TV 2015 開箱設定分享

等了好些時候,全新第四代 Apple TV 終於在10月27日開賣了!在先前的發表會之後,看了不少科技網站的評介,最後決定今年給他敗一台 (反正可能又要好幾年才會再出下一代啦...),64 GB 機種,Apple 官網訂購,要價 $199 再加稅。 11月1日下單,11月4日就收到了!從下單到寄達的過程中,Apple 還主動貼心地發送出貨與寄達的訊息,方便隨時追蹤新的客廳小成員寄送的進度!Continue reading→

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