Peking opera percussion workshop

Introduce the key concepts of Peking opera percussion music and its oral notation, with hands-on practice


Peking Opera Workshop

Introduction to the essence and aesthetics of Peking opera performance and music


Speaking Percussion, Performing Language

Introduction to transmission and transcription of Peking opera percussion music and luogujing


As soon as Mr. Weng started his lesson, he was electric; he had a certain captivating flare to him that forced one to engage full heartedly.
Peking opera percussion lectureStudent's Feedback - Boston College

Po-wei Weng is an incredibly dedicated, patient, experienced, and understanding instructor and conductor. Quick to craft creative solutions to tricky problems, Po-wei is just the kind of leader needed for the job!
Student's Feedback - Wesleyan University

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The Invisible Gorilla and the Invisible Me

I went to a(nother) conference last weekend (that’s why I couldn’t make SEM this year) and one presenter mentioned the invisible gorilla video again. The Invisible Gorilla is a research conducted by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons based on the video they created with the same name, and published in 2011. What the authors do […]

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Peking Opera Percussion Lecture @ Boston College – Second Visit

I am very glad to have my second visit to Boston College within a month to give another lecture on Peking Opera percussion music for Prof. Ann Lucas’ world music class.     This is another fantastic class I met at BC. Students were very focused and seemed to be very interested in the material. […]

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Philips Pasta Maker HR2357-05 製麵機簡易開箱

話說我們家父女二人都極愛吃麵,任何時候只要老婆大人問我們想吃什麼,麵一定是首選。雖然我們最喜歡吃的是手工麵條(包括刀削面),不過對其它麵種 (哈哈,太常說樂種、劇種了) 的接受度也是很高。從日本麵、烏冬、涼麵、甚至 Pasta 都可以。總之,沾得上麵字的,基本上都可以接受。但是問題就來了,不管我們每次買多少,一來總是會吃完,二來有時放久了就會壞。有時正想吃的時候剛好沒有,長久下來還是不太方便。 為了解決這個問題,老婆大人決定靠人不如靠己,在經過長時間東查西問、千挑萬選之後,終於選定了這部 Philips 編號 HR2357/05 的製麵機。週末訂貨,週三就到。所以就先來個簡易開箱,等到成品製出,再來後續。

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