Peking opera percussion workshop

Introduce the key concepts of Peking opera percussion music and its oral notation, with hands-on practice


Peking Opera Workshop

Introduction to the essence and aesthetics of Peking opera performance and music


Speaking Percussion, Performing Language

Introduction to transmission and transcription of Peking opera percussion music and luogujing


[Po-wei] demonstrated how to teach jingju percussion through coordinated oral recitation of jingju percussion syllables (luogujing). Po-wei’s humorous and energetic demeanor was engaging and brought audience participants to laughter at several points in the presentation!
ACMR Newsletter 21/1

Po-wei Weng is an incredibly dedicated, patient, experienced, and understanding instructor and conductor. Quick to craft creative solutions to tricky problems, Po-wei is just the kind of leader needed for the job!
Student's Feedback - Wesleyan University

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