Peking opera percussion workshop

Introduce the key concepts of Peking opera percussion music and its oral notation, with hands-on practice


Peking Opera Workshop

Introduction to the essence and aesthetics of Peking opera performance and music


Speaking Percussion, Performing Language

Introduction to transmission and transcription of Peking opera percussion music and luogujing


As soon as Mr. Weng started his lesson, he was electric; he had a certain captivating flare to him that forced one to engage full heartedly.
Peking opera percussion lectureStudent's Feedback - Boston College

Po-wei Weng is an incredibly dedicated, patient, experienced, and understanding instructor and conductor. Quick to craft creative solutions to tricky problems, Po-wei is just the kind of leader needed for the job!
Student's Feedback - Wesleyan University

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NECSEM – 民族音樂協會新英格蘭地區研討會

NECSEM (美國民族音樂協會新英格蘭地區分會) 將在 2010 年 4 月 10 日在 Harvard University 舉行。本次會議共包括了18篇論文以及兩場workshops,詳細資訊可至其官方網站瀏覽: 會議議程連結:

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美國國家廣播電台訪問民族音樂學家 Simha Arom 與 Michael Tenzer

NPR (National Public Radio; 美國國家廣播電台) 在今天 (2/27/2010) 訪問了 Simha Arom (ethnomusicologist and director emeritus of research at France’s National Center for Scientific Research) 以及 MIchael Tenzer (Professor of Music, University of British Columbia)。其中討論了中非音樂以及岜里的 Gamelan 音樂,一些民族音樂學或世界音樂的概念,還有一些取自兩位民族音樂學家田野調查的錄音。 完整節目資訊可以在 NPR 網站看到,並可以下載收聽該完整廣播 The Roots of World Music 若要直接收聽,可點選 完整廣播錄音 Enjoy it!

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白蛇傳 -夏威夷大學製作!

夏威夷大學在今年二月份製作的京劇<白蛇傳>的一分鐘短片,此劇由 Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak 和 Hui-Mei Chang 導演。真是不簡單!! Jingju (Beijing opera) The White Snake @ Yahoo! Video 演出日期為:Feb 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13 at 8pm; Feb 7 & 14 at 2pm. 詳情可見: 另: Wichmann 在 1991 的出版京劇專書 Listening to Theatre: the Aural Dimension of Beijing Opera 在 2008 年才由中國上海音樂學院出版社出版了中文譯本,名為 <聽戲 – 京劇的聲音天地>。有興趣讀譯本的朋友可以找來看看…

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