Innovative App for Music Writing – Staffpad

An innovative Windows app for music writing is here: Staffpad. Released in early October, Staffpad is a sophisticated and fantastic app that allows direct hand-write music notation on a supported device, such as Microsoft Surface tablet/PC. I was very excited about this in the first glance and felt many musician/composer or anyone who wants to write music and make neat and beautiful digital print would greatly benefit from it. However, its might not be very practical due to its limited compatibility (only on Windows OS with advanced e-pen and touch input. No Mac computer and iPads, sorry) and it’s pricey device requirement. While I am really happy to see a wonderful music app designed for Windows, I am not sure if it’s worthy paying that much money to buy a device mainly for one app (though I know some people did!), especially if one already has one or more Apple devices for music and video editing. Many are also expecting if similar apps will come up in Apple Store in the near future. Anyway, here is the official introductory video:

More information can also be found from their website at 


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