[CFP]19th Biennial IASPM Conference Call For Papers

Forwarded CFP Info: Popular Music Studies Today 19th Biennial IASPM Conference 26 June – 30 June 2017 University of Kassel Germany Popular Music Studies are today a key field of enquiry. Exploring the parameters of research on popular music in contemporary times lies at the centre of the 19th Biennial IASPM Conference. The Executive Committee […]

Playing an instrument benefits your brain – what instrument and who’s brain?

Recently watched this TEDed video talking about how playing an instrument works like mental/full body workout vitalizing all parts of human brain (the research is not that new, though). This is sort of echoing what I usually say to my students that “we don’t know if playing music can make you smarter, but we know […]

Peking Opera Percussion Lecture – Boston College

Just returned from my guest lecture on Peking opera percussion music at Boston College. It’s invited by Prof. Fugan Dineen (who is also my former colleague at Wesleyan University) for his Asian Music class. Thanks, Fugan!  It’s a very dynamic class: students were actively engaged and open to new perspectives. They picked up key concepts quickly […]

Youtube 人類學

Youtube !? 沒錯,人類學研究的觸角已經伸到 youtube了。事實上,雖然人類學整體而言是社學科學中較為保守的一門,不過近年來在研究科技以及網路虛擬社群方面還是有所進展。以下的影片是 Kansas State University 助理教授 Michael Wesch 在 Library of Congress 演講的影片,談到人類學的Youtube 研究,有興趣的朋友可以看看….

美國國家廣播電台訪問民族音樂學家 Simha Arom 與 Michael Tenzer

NPR (National Public Radio; 美國國家廣播電台) 在今天 (2/27/2010) 訪問了 Simha Arom (ethnomusicologist and director emeritus of research at France’s National Center for Scientific Research) 以及 MIchael Tenzer (Professor of Music, University of British Columbia)。其中討論了中非音樂以及岜里的 Gamelan 音樂,一些民族音樂學或世界音樂的概念,還有一些取自兩位民族音樂學家田野調查的錄音。 完整節目資訊可以在 NPR 網站看到,並可以下載收聽該完整廣播 The Roots of World Music 若要直接收聽,可點選 完整廣播錄音 Enjoy it!