Add-on for Writing Staff Notation in Google Docs – VexTab

While people are excited about the high-end music writing app Staffpad’s release, VexTab, a much more economic, simple staff notation writing tool designed for Google Docs also just came out. VexTab is free, text-based and easy use tool to add/insert basic staff notation lines into your Google Docs. By typing some letters and symbols, such as A C# and | as bar line, one can produce nice notation. It would be especially a handy tool for those who just need to put simply examples in their documents and hesitate to use more complicated notation software such as Finale or Sibelius, such as ethnomusicology students.




When music is insert into the document, one can easily copy, paste and move it to different places, just as how we move a picture. However, you cannot copy and paste the music to Word or other word processor software.

To install the add-on, just open a Google document and go to Add-on section to find and install it. Once it’s installed, just select the add-on and insert VexTab, then edit the notation in the new window.

A comprehensive tutorial is at  The designer also has a blog for more information and advanced use of the add-on.



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